Josie’s friend Amanda is missing. But because she’s a runaway with a history of drug use and other risky behavior, no one seems to care. Clem, the owner of the community kitchen in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where Josie works in exchange for food, advises her to just leave well enough alone. Then a young man whose friend is also missing asks her for help. Josie learns that she, along with the other teens who helped her bring down the cop responsible for the death of her entire family, is becoming known on the street as a person who makes sure justice is done. When the battered bodies of homeless teens start filling the city’s morgue, Josie and Team Retribution suspect a connection to their missing friends and begin investigating. They discover an underground fight club where at-risk youth are being forced to fight and even kill each other for sport. Josie is captured and may have to enter the ring herself to save her friends.

This is an action packed, fast moving book based on the streets of Vancouver giving a glimpse into the lives of its street people.  You see the hopelessness of the lives of the runaways who live there and how they are drawn into bad situations.  It also shows how friendships can be made and the lengths people will go to to help their friends.  I enjoyed this book as it was action packed and a quick read.  I was disappointed in the end as it leaves you hanging, not really sure what has happened to resolve the situation.  I also found it strange in the beginning when the murder of Josie’s family is brought up as it doesn’t add to this book and must have been written in just to draw the reader’s curiosity enough to read the book that does deal with that topic.