The World in 25 People: I am Ecuador

For my The World in 25 People project, I decided to research the country Ecuador which in in South America. At this moment I’m not very well informed of this country, I don’t know anything about Ecuador except I know that some fruit are grown here like bananas because of the hot climates. Personally, I am excited and curious to learn about this new country to see what life is like there, also I am slightly scared because I think they have a very poor economic system here. People in this country make or live off of $2 a day which would make life difficult. I feel like life there would be a challenge because it has a very hot climate and there isn’t a lot of money in the system also I feel like they do a lot of hard work in unfit conditions and make very little money. I would like to learn about the culture of the people in Ecuador and how they live off of what the receive.

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One thought on “The World in 25 People: I am Ecuador

  1. I found your pre-research blog very well-written. I do not know much about Ecuador either, but it’s sad to see how many people have to live in such poor conditions and off such little money, similar to the country I researched.

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