The World in 25 People: I Am Ecuador

After researching about Ecuador, I learnt several things I didn’t know about this country. Some interesting things I learnt is that 93% of the population speaks Spanish which is the official language. The population of Ecuador is 16,290,913, 64.2% of this number lives in urban settings and the rest of the population lives in rural settings. 74% of the population follows the Roman Catholic religion, and 10.4% is Evangelical religion. In Ecuador the life expectancy at birth is 76.8 years in comparison to the world is 83 years. 4.9% of the governments budget goes towards education, females go to school for 16 and males for 15 years. In Canada the school life expectancy for males is 16 years and females for 15 years. Even with 4.9 of the governments budget goes to education 95.4% of males and 93.3% of females have high literacy. In Ecuador the unemployment rate for youth ages 15-24 is 10.4%. The top export list in Ecuador is petroleum, bananas, cocoa, cut flowers, coffee and shrimp. The labour force by occupation is mostly spread between agriculture with 27.8%, industry with 17.8% and services with 54.4%. I learnt many more facts about this country but these are the ones I found most informative and interesting.