Languages of Ecuador

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. In Ecuador there is three main regional Spanish languages, these are Andean Spanish, Amazonic Spanish and Equatorial Pacific Spanish. In Ecuador the most spoken foreign languages in Ecuador are Chinese and English. The ten most spoken languages in Ecuador besides Spanish is Achuar, Shiwiar, Awa- cuaiquer, Cofain, Shuar, Colorado, Cha’ Palaachi, Embera, Secoya, Siona, and media languages. There are 21 indigenous languages in Ecuador. There are two languages that have gone extinct, they are Andoa and Tetete. There are ten endangered languages in Ecuador including Zapara, Awapit and Sia Pedee. In Ecuador the are over 65,000 people who speak English. They are teaching some endangered languages in Ecuadorian school to help preserve the languages.

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