Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouths open. I find it really disgusting to see people’s food being chewed up in their mouths. The sound that people’s lips make when they smack together is so gross. Another pet peeve I have is when people cut me off while I’m walking and when people step on the back of my shoes even though I’m not walking slowly. Another thing that really annoys me is when people don’t respect my opinion about something just because they feel different about the topic. I’m allowed to have my own opinion and its not wrong just because you think its wrong. These are some of the pet peeves I have.

1C- Impacts of Digital Technology

I have learned that consumers have not realized the amount of destruction being caused by the production of technology. IN class we discussed E-Waste and Coltan miners, which both negatively impact the world and the producers of the products. In the Democratic Republic of Congo people worked in the mines and as porters to contain cassiterite for circuit boards in technology. The porters had to carry sacks up to 50 kilograms, 40 miles through jungles only making up to 5$ per day, as they would have to fight off people trying to steal the materials. The miners were ruled by gun law and had to crawl around small spaces with no protective gear. These workers also only work for food instead of money. In America and Canada they illegally import E-Waste  to landfills in Africa because it is cheaper. The labourers risk their health to scavenge the valuable materials in the technology such as gold or lead. The waste releases toxin and contaminates the water and soil. In Pakistan there are huge fires around they area from burning waste, the workers come in contact with chemicals without protective equiptment so the majority of workers die at a young age. After learning about the E-Waste and and Coltan miners I have learned that we destruct the world for our technology

Reflection on Eagle Butte

My time so far at Eagle Butte has been better than I thought it would be. So far I’m doing better in my classes than in thought I would be at the beginning of the year. I thought that the classes would be harder than they are at the moment, but I believe it will be way harder next semester when I’m doing math and biology. Last year, my teachers said that grade 10 would be way harder than grade 9 so I thought I would end up struggling in my classes. I expected Eagle Butte to be way more difficult than it actually is so far. I have made a lot of new friends and have found something new that I enjoy doing, it is cross country. I have really enjoyed my time so far and throughout the year I feel like it will get better.

1C- Responding To Einstein

In Albert Einsteins quote “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” he predicted that in the future (current time) everyone will be techno-isolated. Techno-isolation is the idea that due to the use of technology, people are becoming more socially separated from others. Some pictures that we viewed showed everyone sitting on their cell phones instead of communicating with the people around them. Technology has influenced globalization because it is making people become less connected to the world around them since they are dependent on their technology. In the world the majority of the population uses technology in their everyday lives for communication, work, and researching. It seems as that most people are unable to function without being able to be on their technology. In social situations, for example going to a restaurant people tend to bring out their cell phones instead of talking without the people around them. Einstein’s prediction on technology was correct, because we are becoming techno-isolated.

1C Cartoon Analysis

The author is demonstrating a perspective on marginalization because that is treating people insignificantly. The author fully rejects this concept because he thinks its wrong for people to be stereotyping people based on what they learn from the media. He believes that is it wrong for people stereo type Indians even though they don’t know who they actually are, they just believe that the Indians are how the media sees them, such ass Pocahontas. The author is trying to send the message to not make assumptions based on how the media sees different groups, and to not treat them insignificantly. Also the author shows that people often stereo type many groups like Indians as what the media sees them as even when it is not true.

Is Smart Technology Informing or Distracting us?

Is smart technology informing or distracting us? In my opinion I feel like smart technology both distracts and informs us. I believe this because technology helps to inform us by making it easier to communicate and learn. Yet it also distracts us because people use technology for everything and t causes people to become dependent on it for everything. We use technology to increase are ability but at the same time it is also declining our ability to be able to live unless we are using technology. Some resources in technology are able to make life easier but some are useless all they do is prevent us from being able to live in a world where no one is reliant on the smart technology. Technology is being used medical research and in careers so it lets us be able to learn things we wouldn’t have known without it.


My Symbol

In my symbol, I decided to draw three things that represent who I am as a person and what shapes my personality. The largest symbol is the Eagle Butte logo, this is because I spend the majority of my time at school and its also what helps develop my other symbols, because at school is where I am able to embrace who I am. At school I’m able to express my personality through sports. Eagle Butte will also educate me, to shape who I am in the future. My second largest symbol is a basketball, I chose this a number two because basketball is something I enjoy and excel at. During the year I end up playing basketball for nine months out of the year. Playing basketball has helped me express myself and has shaped me as an individual. Basketball is my favourite sport because I am a very competitive person and in basketball you are expected to try and be competitive. For my last symbol I put running shoes, I just started running cross country this year but I enjoy it very much. At first I only wanted to run for basketball but I ended up really enjoying it. Running helps me relieve stress and helps me focus. I have already gotten stronger as a runner since September but I will continue to run so I can succeed. All three of the symbols are part of my life and are all factors in shaping my identity.

A Day Made of Glass

In the video “A Day Made of Glass” every single aspect of their lives used technology. I feel like the whole idea of this is out of reach and is not going to be in real life for a long time. Some of these features could be really helpful in life for example being able to communicate with other people around the world, also having the ability to be able to do virtual learning in the medical field because it will make things easier and help people become more organized. I also feel like this will make people become too dependent on technology because everything is done for them and if everything were to stop working then nothing would be able to function. I think some of these features are un necessary like having the ability to see dinosaurs. Overall I feel like this technology could be really useful but I also feel like this is going to make everyone too reliant on having technology in their life.