My Symbol

In my symbol, I decided to draw three things that represent who I am as a person and what shapes my personality. The largest symbol is the Eagle Butte logo, this is because I spend the majority of my time at school and its also what helps develop my other symbols, because at school is where I am able to embrace who I am. At school I’m able to express my personality through sports. Eagle Butte will also educate me, to shape who I am in the future. My second largest symbol is a basketball, I chose this a number two because basketball is something I enjoy and excel at. During the year I end up playing basketball for nine months out of the year. Playing basketball has helped me express myself and has shaped me as an individual. Basketball is my favourite sport because I am a very competitive person and in basketball you are expected to try and be competitive. For my last symbol I put running shoes, I just started running cross country this year but I enjoy it very much. At first I only wanted to run for basketball but I ended up really enjoying it. Running helps me relieve stress and helps me focus. I have already gotten stronger as a runner since September but I will continue to run so I can succeed. All three of the symbols are part of my life and are all factors in shaping my identity.

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2 thoughts on “My Symbol

  1. This symbol is very visually appealing. I love the way you incorporated all of your collective symbols creatively and it is very nicely drawn. I can easily understand the ranking of your symbols, and how it represents your identity.

  2. Great job Tiahna! I love your collective symbol and how well you intertwine them. Your rationale behind your three major collectives that shape you is also very well done.

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