Most Impactful Learning Moment

The most impactful learning moment in my life was learning how to walk and talk. I feel like these things are the most impactful because if I didn’t learn how to do what I do in my everyday life. Being able to walk and talk opens up opportunities that I would not have if I was unable to communicate with the world. Everything that I learned to do when I was younger were impotent skills that are a necessity in the world around me. If I was illiterate then life would be very difficult. Being able to walk and talk will shape who I am as a person. Without these skills I wouldn’t be able to get a career or learn anything that will help in my life. That’s why I feel like learning to do the basics that I learnt as a child are the most important.

Show Review: Friends

A show I have recently watched is Friends, I have watched this television series twice because I really enjoy watching it. I enjoy this show because it is really funny and makes me laugh. Every episode in this show makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood. All the actors in this show match their character very well which makes the show better. The different personalities in each character makes the show extremely funny. This show is very relatable to real life because all the characters go through emotions that everyone goes through. Out of all the shows I have watched Friends has been my favorite one.


Should Wikipedia be Allowed for Research in Schools?

I think Wikipedia should be allowed for research in schools because the workers there are always checking to make sure no one vandalized the pages, which makes it mostly accurate. Wikipedia is an easy way to get information on mostly any topic, on the Wikipedia sites they cite where they received the information so have more sources of research. Users are allowed to update the pages to make them up to date so it is more accurate. It is an easy and fast way to gain information.