Rwanda Genocide

The Rwanda Genocide was truly a horrific time for the citizens living in this country, especially the Tutsi people. Te Tutsi were killed off by the Hutu people. At this time only abut 10% of the population was Tutsi and the rest was either Hutu or Twa. At first the Tutsi were put in roles of leadership and government because they had more European qualities. The Hutu people ended up killing the president of Rwanda and decide to kill off the Tutsi people to show them how they were treated. The people in Rwanda was identification cards to classify if they were a Tutsi or Hutu, the Hutu extremists would check these cards and kill all the Tutsi. The Hutu people killed and tortured over 1 million people during this time. The genocide lasted from April 6th 1994 to July 1994. Most of the killing were done with machetes or with hand weapons since bullets and guns were to expensive. After the Hutu killed them they left their corpses where they died because they weren’t allowed to be buried. The Belgian peacekeepers tried to help but were killed off in the process so they ended up withdrawing there troops. Finally ended when a RPF group took over the country, these people were military trained group of Tutsi people. Some legacies of historical globalization that fueled the Rwanda Genocide was Imperialism and Eurocentrism. These two things fueled the genocide because the Belgians took over Rwanda, before the Belgians showed up the two groups were at peace they married between groups and traded, but then they put the Tutsi people in higher roles because they had more European qualities unlike the Hutu people, this also showed Eurocentrism because they had put the Tutsi in a higher class because they believed they were more European because of there body shape, color and nose shape. This is Eurocentric because the Europeans believed they were superior, they left they more European groups were given responsibilities. The Hutu people did not think this treatment was fair so they resorted to killing the Tutsi people to show how they felt towards being treated badly before. It makes me extremely upset that the world just sat back, and watched this genocide happen. The world should have reacted differently, they should have done something to make it stop so not as many people would have been killed and tortured.

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