Legacies Regarding Indigenous People in Canada

Yes, I do believe that the contemporary society does have ethical responsibilities regarding the indigenous people in Canada. I believe that Canada should be partially responsible for these legacies of globalization left behind. The Canadian government did many injustices towards the indigenous people, such as inforce the Indian Act, which forbidden them from practicing their own cultures and traditions. The indigenous people were also forced to give up their lands and were sent to reserves, the Aboriginal children were sent to residential schools where they were abused and taken from their home. These schools forced the indigenous peoples to assimilate into the European ways. This treatment caused depopulation of the first Nation people, also did the European diseases brought over to Canada.  In the past Canada treated the First Nations with extreme disrespect and demonstrated Eurocentrism towards their culture. Canada was at fault for these actions, this is way Canada is partially responsible for the historical legacies regarding the indigenous. In my opinion the actions done by Canada to redress the past has met the level of responsibility needed, such as government compensation, for example $2 billion towards former residential school students. This compensation was given to 80,000 people, there were also specifications for these payments. Also formal apologies were given by Stephen Harper, and the Catholic Church also apologized for the abuse at the residential schools. There was also commissions and documents established to reinforce relationships between the Crown and the First Nations peoples and makes equal/fair ways with the crown. What has been done to apologize for the past does meet the level of responsibility that was needed. I believe that this is the only way for Canada to try and fix the mistakes made in the past, but nothing can change what happen in the past. We can not change what our ancestors did towards the indigenous people but the responsibility that the government has taken to apologize is the best way to makes amends with the First Nations people.

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