Should I Bother?

After learning about the horrible experiences these children have dealt with, I personally can not say that I can relate to any of the things these children have gone through. It really shocked me to see what some people in the world have to go through in their every day lives. I have noticed that we in Canada have really taken what we have for granted and don’t have to worry about going through the terrible experiences that these people go through. Some children in Africa have to go through devastating times, harsh living conditions and struggles. I find it unfair that people have the nerve to treat some people with such disrespect because no one deserves to live how these people did. It hurt me to watch these children as young as 4 were taken from there homes or sold by their parents to make money. They were forced to work in harsh conditions with very little pay, or forced to join the army. The wars and abductions by the rebels caused for a life in fear with no where safe to go, no bed to sleep in and no family. The rebels and army forced children out of their homes, the children were punished by being killed, tortured or starved.  Young girls were also taken advantage of, many people are mentally ill and the rebels would brainwash the children to train them to kill. Yes, as Canadians we could make a difference in this world anyone can make a difference. One way Canadians can make a difference is by providing foreign aid including supplies, food, water and warmth, also volunteers could be sent over to help. People around the world could individually make people aware of what’s going on in Africa so more people could donate or volunteer to help this cause. In the past there was many people who helped make a difference with problems they thought were wrong in the world for example Mother Teresa who started a girls school and donated to the poor. Another example is Nelson Mandela who joined National African Congress to help against black minority, he became first black head of state. An organization that bothers to make a difference is Canadian Humanitarian Organization, the volunteers accept donations, sponsor children in Africa and send people over to help the people in need, they want to make a difference in the world by helping the people in need. It is worth is because they are doing a good thing by supporting the people in need make them have a better life. After researching about how these people have been treated it made me realize that people should do something to help them, as human rights abuse becomes more of a problem there are groups and individuals that take time out of their day to do something to help to people in need because they know no one should be treated how these people are.

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