This is Me

Table of Contents

  • Personal Fact Sheet with Photo (hard copy)
  • Current Resume (hard copy)
  • Letters of Reference/Recommendation (hard copy)
  • Signed Cover Letter (hard copy)
  • Short Autobiography (hard copy)
  • Workability Stories (hard copy/online-link here)
  • Personality Survey from (online-link here)
  • Personality Reflection (online-link here)
  • Knowledge Survey from (onlinelink here)
  • Knowledge Reflection (online-link here)
  • Motivations Survey from (online-link here)
  • Interests Survey from (online-link here)
  • Interests Reflection (online-link here)
  • Skills Reflection ( online-link here)
  • Career Information from MHC
    • List of Jobs (online-link here)
    • Detailed information on one job (online-link here)
  • Learning Styles from (online-link here)
  • Learning Styles from MHC
  • Individual Hobbies/Interests and Recognition of Accomplishments of these (online-link here)
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