Personal Management Skills

  • Perfect Attendance from school, work or clubs (hard copy/online–take picture)
  • Three Year High School Education Plan (hard copy)
  • Future Goals (hard copy/online)
  • Time Management (hard copy/online–take picture)
  • Sample from Student Agenda, Weekly Day-Timer, or Calendar (hard copy/on line–take picture)
  • Recognition Awards:  Student of the Month, Newspaper Carrier of the Month, Employee of the Month, Citizenship, Top Talon, etc. (hard copy/online–take picture)
  • Career Planning Process (hard copy)
  • Career Consideration Summary (online)
  • Long Occupation Research Analysis and Medicine Hat College Career research (hard copy goes in this section only, not This is Me)
  • Short Occupation Research Analysis One (online)
  • Short Occupation Research Analysis Two (online)
  • Plan to Implement Goals (online)
  • Post-Secondary Day, Visit, Post-Secondary Information Evening or Seminar (hard copy/online)
  • Responsibility shown through Part-Time Employment or Volunteer Work (online)
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