Teamwork Skills & Project Work

Teamwork skills represent your ability to cooperate and work effectively with others in a group. Include evidence where you have demonstrated leadership, followership, self-discipline and respect for the group.  You do not do an extra project for the edublogs, but rather highlight something that you have already done.  Link work that you’ve documented from another class.

  • Documents of participation in a team sport, club, drama/musical presentation, band, choir, yearbook or graduation committee, student council, peer support, speech or debate club, militia, cadets, church youth group, junior achievement, girl guides, 4-H, rodeo club, etc.
  • Awards, Certificates, or Achievements from above involvement
  • Special Projects or Special Events completed from above involvement
  • Photographs from above involvement
  • Documentation of a Position held in an organization, club, committee, or team
  • Leadership or other Specific Skills acquired through above involvement
  • Performance Appraisal from Work indicating Excellent Teamwork Skills


  • Family Responsibilities (online)



  • Project

Your portfolio is evidence of years of skill development through school, work and your involvement with your community. This section is meant to include the best examples of your ability to communicate, think, learn and work with others to achieve a common goal or product.  Include samples or descriptions of your best work that demonstrate your applied skills in a project or work project.

You might provide photographs and a description of:

  • a product you produced at work
  • a sports team (provincial championship in soccer)
  • a motorcycle or car engine you helped rebuild
  • a clothing article or outfit you designed and constructed
  • a poster you designed
  • your own vehicle that you patched, primed and repainted
  • a speech you presented that won an awardTo demonstrate your computer skills, you might include an accounting spreadsheet you developed for the school store.
  • Provide an audio or videotape of a speech, music recital or solo performance in band or drama.

If you played a key role in the school newspaper or a drama production, you could include a newspaper article or a drama production program to demonstrate your communication skills.

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