Talon Proud

Even though I have only been attending Eagle Butte High School for one semester, there is a few things that make me proud to go here. Our success in school athletics make me proud. Our senior girls volleyball won zones and competed at the provincial level, along with our cross country team that I was involved in, we got first place in zones then went on to get second place in provincials. Our student council does a very good job of making our school successful with their ability to plan events very well. It also makes me proud of the way that the teachers treat and create personal relationships with their students, also how open and accepting the students are.

A Day Made of Glass

In the video “A Day Made of Glass” every single aspect of their lives used technology. I feel like the whole idea of this is out of reach and is not going to be in real life for a long time. Some of these features could be really helpful in life for example being able to communicate with other people around the world, also having the ability to be able to do virtual learning in the medical field because it will make things easier and help people become more organized. I also feel like this will make people become too dependent on technology because everything is done for them and if everything were to stop working then nothing would be able to function. I think some of these features are un necessary like having the ability to see dinosaurs. Overall I feel like this technology could be really useful but I also feel like this is going to make everyone too reliant on having technology in their life.


EBHS: My First Few Weeks

On my first day at Eagle Butte High School, I was quite nervous about becoming a student here considering it is very different then my former school. After my few first weeks here I realized that I was nervous about nothing. I have had a pretty good time at Eagle Butte, I find that the classes are easy so far and I am succeeding better than I thought I would be. Yet, I think that High School is more challenging then Junior High because there is way more tests and homework. I have made a lot of new friends and become closer with my old friends. I have found a new interest since I came to this school, it is cross country. I’m really glad that I joined the team, I feel like I really succeed at running. At my first race in Edmonton I got 15th places which is pretty good for my first time racing. From joining cross country I have had a really fun and eventful time, also it’s a place where I have made new friends. One thing I have leant in high school is that it’s going to be much more work than junior high, I will need to try harder and study more often to succeed over my years here. My overall impression of Eagle Butte so far is that so far I think I will make a lot of friends and have a great experience because I have so far.